Can I Replace Lenses and Not Eyeglass Frames?

Buying eyeglasses in Elkridge, MD, is a big investment in your eye health. Once you get your prescription, the office staff work hard to make sure that your lenses work as they should, improving your eyesight as much as possible. Over time, your eyeglasses prescription may not be as perfect. Since eyes age like other parts of the body, they may change, and you may need a new prescription. But does that automatically mean you need new eyeglass frames as well? Can you replace lenses and not eyeglass frames?

Lenses Made to Fit Eyeglasses

Today’s eyeglass labs are able to make lenses fit the frames more precisely than ever. This is why, no matter what kind of prescription you have and no matter what shape or style of eyeglass frames you choose, you can always be assured of getting a perfect pair of prescription eyeglasses. For this reason, it’s no longer recommended to replace only the lenses and not the eyeglass frames

When You Could Do It

However, in special circumstances, it may be possible and reasonable to replace just the lenses and not the frames. This is if your prescription hasn’t changed and you’re getting the exact same lenses. Maybe you sat on your glasses accidentally, and the frames broke, but otherwise, the lenses are in great condition. In a case like that, it only makes sense not to have to buy whole new lenses.

Reasons to Replace Lenses and Frames

In the vast majority of cases, though, it’s best to replace both the lenses and the frames. Chances are, your lenses have scratches or other signs of wear and tear. This time around, there may be more lens options that you could take advantage of, such as transition lenses, trifocals, glare-resistant filters, and other features that can help make your eyesight even better.

Finally, remember that it will be much harder for the lab to fit your existing lenses into new frames. It could even take them longer to do so, in which case you won’t be able to get your new glasses back as soon as you may like.

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The Most Commonly Asked Questions about Costco Vision

If you have wondered about buying your eyewear from Costco Vision, you probably have some questions first. It might also be a good idea to talk with your eye doctor in Elkridge, MD as well. Your eye doctor will have information from other patients they can pass along.

The Most Frequently Asked Questions about Costco Vision

1. Does Costco Vision Sell Designer Sunglasses?

Yes, Costco Vision does sell a wide variety of designer sunglasses. They carry Chloé, XOXO, Hobie, Saint Laurent, Vera Bradley, and more.

2. Do You Have to Be a Costco Member to Purchase Glasses and Contact Lenses?

Yes, you do need to be a member to purchase your glasses and contact lenses from Costco if the prescription is from any optometrist other than a Costco Vision optometrist.

3. Can You Use a Prescription from Another Optometrist at Costco Vision?

Yes, you can bring a prescription from another optometrist in Elkridge, MD, and have it filled at Costco Vision, but only if you are a Costco member.

4. Does Costco Vision Sell Contact Lenses?

Yes, Costco Vision does sell contact lenses in Elkridge, MD along with other contact accessories. Additionally, they carry some of the top contact lens brands such as Acuvue (Moist and Vita), AquaComfort Plus, Air Optix, Biofinity, Proclear, Bausch + Lomb, Alcon, CooperVision, and Kirkland Signature. Kirkland Signature gives you the best value though with a 50% off savings.

5. How Is the Costco Vision Customer Service?

If you search the internet, you are going to get varying opinions about Costco’s customer service. Some people love them, some people hate them. However, Costco does have a 100% satisfaction guarantee for their members. So if for whatever reason you don’t like your prescription eyeglasses, you can either take them to the Costco optical department or Costco warehouse for a repair or you can request a refund or replacement.

6. How Much Do the Eyeglasses at Costco Vision Cost?

At the time of this writing, Costco’s single-lens eyeglasses cost $63 on average and the frames cost $61 on average. But of course, this will vary depending on your location, how complicated your prescription is, and which style of frames you choose.

Do You Need an Optometrist in Elkridge, MD?

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How to Prolong the Lifespan of Your Eyeglasses

Taking care of your vision involves routine eye exams in Elkridge, MD, but also wearing the appropriate corrective lenses. Eyeglasses can give you clearer vision, which is undeniably important. However, investing in eyeglasses with prescription lenses can also be expensive for some patients. Therefore, you will want to get as many years out of your glasses as possible. Take a look at a few tips to prolong the lifespan of your eyeglasses.

Invest in a good storage case

When you get glasses, always invest in a good case to store your glasses in when they are not in use. Simply making it a habit to tuck the glasses into their case when you take them off can prevent mishaps that could cause breakage or scratches. For example, leaving your glasses on a table could mean accidentally knocking them onto the floor.

Opt for sturdy frame materials

While lightweight frame styles are a popular choice, if you have thicker lenses, look for sturdier frames. Sturdier frames made of metal or high-grade plastics are better designed for durability and are less likely to break or wear over time. Heavier frames are especially important if you play certain sports or you are an active individual.

Clean your glasses every day

Before putting your glasses on for the day, clean them well. Oils from your skin or even particles in the air or in your environment can cause damage if left idle on the lenses for long periods. When you do clean your lenses and frames, use only recommended materials. For example, a microfiber cloth and a lens-cleaning solution are safe for cleaning your lenses. Avoid using more abrasive materials that can scratch the glass, such as the edge of your shirt or a towel.

Discuss Eyeglasses Care with an Elkridge Optometrist

If your visit to an Elkridge eye doctor reveals you need glasses, be sure to talk to the doctor about long-term glasses care. The optometrist can also offer guidance about when you may need to have your prescription renewed based on your specific visual health issues. Reach out to the office of Dr. Jan Eye Care to schedule an appointment.