Getting Your First Pair of Contact Lenses? What to Expect

Contact lenses are very different from prescription glasses in many ways. If you’ve always had prescription glasses and would like to know more about getting contact lenses, your eye doctor in Elkridge, MD, can help. At Dr. Jan Eye Care, we help our patients who want contact lenses get the right ones for their eyes. We can help you, too!

What Are the Benefits of Contact Lenses?

There are many benefits of wearing contact lenses. Below are some reasons our patients come to us seeking contacts.

  • Natural vision. Glasses can obstruct your vision, especially if you have thick frames. By contrast, contact lenses mimic your natural vision without getting in the way.
  • Won’t impact your appearance. Glasses are very visible and obvious, but contacts are not. No one will be able to tell you’re wearing contacts.
  • Won’t fog up when walking outside. Under certain conditions, glasses can fog up when you go outside. Contact lenses do not.

How Can You Get Contact Lenses?

If you want contact lenses, the first thing to do is see your eye doctor for a contact lens exam. During the contact lens exam, your eye doctor will check the curvature of your eyes. The eye doctor will also check the measurement of your iris and pupil.

Finally, the eye doctor will check to ensure your eyes have sufficient tears. How many tears your eyes produce will affect what kind of contacts your eye doctor prescribes and whether contacts are a good option for you.

Once your eye doctor has ordered your contact lenses, you’ll come back for a contact lens fitting.

How Are Contact Lenses Maintained?

Once your contact lenses are removed, clean and disinfect them before returning them to your eyes. Follow the cleaning and disinfecting procedure provided by your eye doctor.

Remove your contact lenses on the schedule recommended by your eye doctor. See the eye doctor regularly. If you get in the water, including the shower, a pool, a hot tub, or the bath, take your contact lenses out. Follow all instructions provided by your eye doctor to maintain your contact lenses.

Want Contact Lenses? Make An Appointment Today

If you want contact lenses in Elkridge, MD, contact Dr. Jan Eye Care. Call today to make an appointment.

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