Do I Need a Costco Card to Visit the Independent Costco Optometrist?

Costco is a popular way to shop for bulk items, and it’s frequented by plenty of families who are ready to stock up. Of course, not everyone will benefit from having a membership card, whether it’s because they’re shopping for one or because they don’t have the space.

If you don’t happen to have a membership, this can be a shame when you need to see an optometrist in Eldridge, MD, because the prices at Costco can be more palatable than those at other offices. We’ll look at what you’ll need a membership card for and why you might consider getting one.

Do You Need a Membership Card to Make an Eye Exam Appointment?

No, you won’t need to be a member of Costco to schedule an eye exam in Elkridge, MD. The independent optometrist partners with Costco and negotiates the final prices, but they are not controlled by the organization. If you want to make Costco your regular optometrist, you may be able to save some money compared to other services in your area — without compromising on quality.

There is a bit of a catch to this question, though. Just because you can get your eye exam from the optometrist, doesn’t mean you can purchase anything from the optical department of Costco. So if you need glasses, contact lenses, or any other optical accessories, you won’t be able to access them without a membership card. This means that you won’t get the savings on anything other than the services directly through the independent optometrist.

How to Save at the Costco Optical Department in Elkridge

If you’re considering visiting the Costco department for an eye exam, it might be time to run the numbers. The savings for contact lenses and eyeglasses can be considerable, meaning it would be worth getting a membership card in the long run so you could buy these supplies at a discount. The bonus is that you might find other products at Costco that would make the membership even more worthwhile. If you’re looking for a doctor that help you see better for less, the staff of Dr. Jan Eye Care can provide you with the services and advice you need!

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