Why Are My New Contact Lenses Uncomfortable?

Contact lenses can be an exciting purchase for many people, especially if you’ve grown tired of wearing glasses or you’re ready to mix up your look a little. However, even seasoned contact lens wearers may experience discomfort when they first try a new batch. Because you can’t blame it on the usual culprits (e.g., poor hygiene, lenses have passed their expiration date, etc.), we’ll look at what might be causing the problem.

Problems with the Lens

A contact lens eye exam will include a contact lens fitting where the eye doctor will evaluate you for a specific brand of lenses and confirm that they can fit your eyes. Despite this procedure, it is possible that an eye doctor in Elkridge, MD, will recommend a lens that isn’t compatible with your eyes. Whether it’s a hard or soft lens, not everyone will be able to adjust to the product. For instance, a daily contact may be more prone to drying out because it has a relatively short time limit. Even going a few hours over while wearing them can start to take its toll.

Problems with the Environment

When the environment is too dry, contact lenses will feel the sting. In some cases, this can be corrected with a different lens material, one that makes it easier to retain moisture from both your eyes and the air that surrounds you. However, there are only so many ways to combat extremely dry air. The good news is that if you’re interested in contact lenses in Elkridge, MD, you’re unlikely to be dealing with desert weather. However, you may want to consider how appliances like a dehumidifier are affecting your lens comfort.

Contact an Eye Doctor in Elkridge

There are a variety of reasons why your lenses may not work out for you on the first go-around. For many people, it may just be a matter of getting used to a new material or a new routine. No matter how well-designed the contact lens is, it’s still a foreign piece of matter on your person. If you have questions about whether you need a new contact lens or just want to see if your symptoms are within the realm of normal, contact Dr. Jan Eye Care today.

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